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      I had the opportunity to design the visuals for the SLAM Summer Classic Vol 4. Every year SLAM brings in all the best HS hoopers in America to play in the most exciting high school All-Star game. Throughout the weekend player got to experience NYC via tour bus and hoop at the legendary Rucker Park in Harlem. I lead all aspects of visual direction from pre to post production. I collaborated with SLAM community managers, designers and video editors. All through being in constant communication with sponsors including Nike, Gatorade, Champs Sports, the NBPA and Def Jam.


I lead creative direction for the following:

Pre-event Marketing

    • Social Media promotions

    • Player Announcements 

    • Schedule of events

    • Sponsor Pitch Decks

In-Event Visuals

    • Team Double-Decker Tour Bus

    • Merchandise and VIP Tents

    • On/Off-Court Signage

    • Giant "Sportsmanship Award" Check

Post-Event Visuals

    • Social Media promotions

    • SLAM SSCV4 Movie 

    • Original SLAM series

Slam Summer Classic Vol.4 Pre-Event Marketing Campaign / Strategy

Player Announcements - To help promote the star-studded event, social graphics were designed for each athlete to post. Players announced they will be playing in the SSCV4 via posting their customized graphic via Instagram and Twitter.

Roster Announcements - Shortly after announcing the date/location of the SSCV4, basketball fans were hungry to know what top HS hoopers would be playing. We announced both Boys and Girls team rosters via branded social graphics.

SSCV4 x Champs Sports Sweepstakes - To get HS hoop fans more engaged, we put together a sweepstakes where fans submit a photo wearing wearing there best Champs Sports gear. The top entries were chosen by the LeagueFits panel and the winner received VIP Passes to all the Summer Classic weekend events.

Slam Summer Classic Vol.4 Event Visuals

Team Double-Decker Tour Bus - I designed the SLAM magazine wrapped team tour bus. This bus took the teams throughout NYC visiting the NYC Experience, Champs Store, Gouchos, Def Jam lounge and the hotel where players and family stayed.

Merchandise Tents - I designed the pop-up tents where limited and special edition SLAM merchandise were sold. I also designed the tents where VIPs would chill, eat and vibe out without the crowd.

On/Off-Court Signage - All SSCV4 branded everything. Game-ball, Center-court, Backboard, sideline and seating decals. All visuals were cohesive with the SSCV4 branding identity.

Giant Sportsmanship Award Check - Gatorade partnered with the event to award $10,000 to the player who showed the best sportsmanship. The awards went to future basketball stars Jared McCain and Jada Williams. 

SLAM Summer Classic Post-Event Visuals/Content

The footage of the weekend's events and behind the scenes were all collected and chopped up and used in SLAM original YouTube series and short form social media clips.

The Movie - is a recap of the entire SLAM Summer Classic weekend. I lead the design for the in-video graphics, lower thirds, end cards etc.

SLAM Ad Libs - A fun original series that uses the behind the scenes interviews of the players and turns them into new concocted, enhanced stories.


      I had the opportunity to design the visual identity system for SLAM AD LIBS. A fun youtube series where SLAM asks top HS hoopers a set of questions and uses their responses to formulate a story. At the end of the interview, each player reads back their newly, enhanced story.


I lead creative direction for the following:

– Primary & Secondary logos/icons

– Animated Logo set 

– Social Media graphics (IG, Twitter, TikTok)

– YouTube graphics (long-form video)

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