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is a Pop-Up Art Exhibition I founded. The gallery has represented the finest emerging and established artists from around the world. Aimed to curate a unique, fun art-buying experience for new and established collectors. MAD gallery was built with social media communication in mind. Connecting with artists, showcasing artwork and keeping the audience updated on upcoming events.


As the sole director, I was responsible for the following:

Pre-event operations

    • Scout exhibition venues

    • Artist reach-out and submissions

    • Produce social media promotions

    • Curating artwork and artist

    • Hiring photographers & bar staff

In-Event operations

    • Artist check-in

    • Artwork hanging and installation

    • Guest check-in

    • Artwork sales

    • Event breakdown

Post-Event Marketing

    • Photo editing & publishing

    • Video editing & publishing

    • Artwork copy / descriptions

    • Weekly newsletter

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Brand Identity Design

The goal for MAD Gallery's identity is to be bold and look completely different from the typical NYC art gallery. Typical gallery branding is super luxury or boring helvetica text with minimal use of color. This reflects a typical time at a museum or high-profile gallery; usually super quiet with minimal people in attendance. MAD Gallery is a fun, new art concept, so I wanted to show it throughout all visual aspects. A super-deep turquoise and yellow are the main colors that reflect the feel of the shows. A gallery full of people surrounded with colorful, vibrant, lively artwork and smooth music playing in the background. I'd like to think all these elements keep the audience mood and energy high.

Art Exhibition video recaps 

MAD Gallery is both a in-person and digital experience, all exhibitions had photo and video recaps. These recaps served as marketing content and material for MAD Gallery and for each individual artist. Post-event content also propelled sales to collectors who are unable to physically attend the events.

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