go90: Steph Curry x Grateful
Commissioned this to commemorate Steph Curry's 2nd NBA Championship. He Posted to his Instagram Account. Commissioned by @go90sports
Def Jam: Kanye West albums collage
Complex: History of the AirMax
An Illustrated History of the Nike Air Max Series
Champs Sports
Sneaker Theater: White Men Cant't Jump
Def Jam: Daytona Tour Poster
Poster designed for Pusha-T's latest album and tour
"Dear Basketball" Quote Cards
Quote Cards created to promote Kobe Bryant's Oscar Award Winning short film.
Why Complex Cars Cost More to Repair
Illustrated Infographic for The Hartford Insurance.
Champs Sports x Creed
Sneaker Theater: Creed
Life's Moments: Coloring Book
Illustrated coloring book for Hartford Insurance
Champs Sports
10 Sneakers you should be wearing this Spring
Champs Sports x Juice
Sneaker Theater: Juice
Champs Sports
History of the Low-Top Basketball Sneaker
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