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      I had the opportunity to design the visuals for the SLAM Summer Classic Vol 4. Every year SLAM brings in all the best HS hoopers in America to play in the most exciting high school All-Star game. Throughout the weekend player got to experience NYC via tour bus and hoop at the legendary Rucker Park in Harlem. I lead all aspects of visual direction from pre to post production. I collaborated with SLAM community managers, designers and video editors. All through being in constant communication with sponsors including Nike, Gatorade, Champs Sports, the NBPA and Def Jam. Click this LINK to view all of my work with the SSCV4.


I lead creative direction for the following:

Pre-event Marketing

    • Social Media promotions

    • Player Announcements 

    • Schedule of events

    • Sponsor Pitch Decks

In-Event Visuals

    • Team Double-Decker Tour Bus

    • Merchandise and VIP Tents

    • On/Off-Court Signage

    • Giant Donation Check

Post-Event Visuals

    • Social Media promotions

    • SLAM SSCV4 Movie 

    • Original SLAM series


SLAM x Hasbro Starting Lineup brand partnership campaign

I had the opportunity to design the visual identity system for a paid brand partnership campaign with Hasbro. The iconic figure company teamed up with SLAM to announce and promote their "Starting Lineup" action figure series. I collaborated with Hasbro marketing team to design the social rollouts for each player announcement. We were in constant communication making sure the visuals aligned with both SLAM and Hasbro's visual brand identities.



I had the opportunity to design the visual identity system for SLAM AD LIBS. A fun youtube series where SLAM asks top HS hoopers a set of questions and uses their responses to formulate a story. At the end of the interview, each player reads back their newly, enhanced story.


I lead creative direction for the following:

– Primary & Secondary logos/icons

– Animated Logo set 

– Social Media graphics (IG, Twitter, TikTok)

– YouTube graphics (long-form video)

2021-22 All-LeagueFits Teams Awards

I had the opportunity to design the visual identity system for the highly anticipated LeagueFits awards.

SLAM Top 75 NBA Teams (special issue)

I had the opportunity to lead the design for the visual identity of the social rollout. I hand-picked a few of the most polarizing teams of the top 75 and created social posts templates showcasing the main players and magazine cover.

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