Designed after the classic "Silver Bullet" color way.

Celebrating the official sneakerhead holiday Air Max Day. 

Hand-Sketched then brought to life with an inflatable sofa, paint pens and latex-based paint.

Custom hand-painted Nike Air Max 97 inflatable loveseat.

I drew on the temporary outlines using dry erase markers. Once they were to my liking,

I made the permanent lines using extra think paint pens. Then filled in the color with latex based paint which will be able to flex and bend when sitting in the chair.

Revealed at Sneaker Room's "Art Max" art show and charity event in New Jersey. Over 30 artists from around the country participated and donated their Air Max-inspired artwork to the cause. Each and every piece was auctioned live and 100% of the proceeds went to the Boys and Girls club of Jersey City.

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